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25 ways to avoid overusing the word “Also”

Have you ever thought about what words are most overused in English? According to research they are: also, said, therefore, good, important, like, beautiful, including, very, interesting and there is/there are/it is.  While you increase your knowledge of English, it is very important that you increase your vocabulary as well.


12 most important goals of professional medical translation services

Professional medical translation is a highly specialised field due to the technical and sensitive nature of documents. It has been part of our translation services at team Interlex for many years now, but the role of both medical and pharmaceutical translation has grown significantly lately.


Practical Tips for Remote Work

Companies and workers around the world have struggled this year with different challenges related to remote working. Remote work is not just a trend but has become mandatory among employees and companies during the past year. There are advantages and disadvantages to remote work, of course, but the point is this: there’s a high probability that remote is the future.


Christmas Greetings in 25 different languages

Christmas greetings to national and international business partners and customers is still part of the standard marketing repertoire of many companies. It’s a classic business relationship management.


Sworn translation is necessary, and even mandatory in certain situations

Different countries have different requirements, which adds to the complex bureaucratic process when we want to study abroad, get married in another country or apply for the overseas position that will boost our career. At Interlex we know how we can help you and we offer sworn translation services in many different language pairs and are always happy to help you with your legal documents.  A certified sworn translator is the right choice for any legal, financial, technical and medical translation.


10 Reasons for Using Professional Translation Services

The process of translation is not as easy as you think. It requires extensive knowledge in many different areas.


10 Most Used Languages on the Internet in 2020

For many years now, the English language has been dominating the internet. It is no surprise, since it is the founding language of the internet and is spoken in so many countries all over the world.


150 ways to avoid using the word ‘very’

Have you ever noticed how often you use the word VERY? If you wish your writing to stand out as excellent, it’s important to have a list of words to use instead of “very”.  Our team of translators has made a small guide for you of those more precise English words. Next time, you can use these 150 ways to avoid using the word ‘very’ in order to improve your writing or translation skills.


Language editing – what is it?

More than once I have had to explain that, although I work as a language editor at a translation agency, I don’t (generally) translate. It doesn’t even matter whether I mention my workplace first and then the profession, or vice versa – it still confuses the person I am speaking with: ‘What do you mean?