Premium translation

Which materials would benefit from premium-level service?

The premium solution is ideal when quality is critical. This is the best answer when your reputation or sales success depends on the output and when the translation requires solid understanding and experience in the field. Example materials include scientific articles and documents pertaining to medical appliances. Also, when your weekly orders require consistency between translations, finely polished language, and correct professional terminology, the premium translation service is the way to go. This kind of translation requires thorough preparation and becoming familiar with your organisation’s activities and the topic of the translation. Laying the groundwork before co-operation begins and collaborating closely in the translation process are essential for an end result that is of the necessary quality – a finished product that achieves your objective.

When is the premium service required?

This is the service for you…

  • If you continually need many pieces of text, of various types, translated into several languages and all of the translations must maintain stylistic and terminological consistency
  • When obtaining language services means more to you than a ‘casual affair’ with the cheapest provider on the block
  • When it is important for your language-services partner to know your translation preferences to a T and remember what is needed and how to carry out the work
  • When proper handling of your materials is vital and mustn’t be left to chance 

In search of a professional?

Have you discovered that run-of-the-mill translation services don’t necessarily result in the best translation of your materials? Do you spend time correcting the translations you receive? When using our premium service, you can rest assured that there is no need for time-consuming follow-up checking. With this solution, our team of language professionals always includes a professional in the field to put the finishing touches on the translation. Most importantly, you can be confident in the result.

Looking for a translation partner?

When you select us as your partner, the Interlex project team is an extension of your in-house team. You get all the benefits without having to hire a full-time project manager or translator. Our project manager understands your language concerns and handles all of the related tasks/strategies. This gives you a voice in our team, with someone who knows what must be done, in which way.

Translation memory

Imagine how much material is commissioned by the contact person for your organisation in the long term, some of it very similar year after year! We use translation memory to translate all those pages of material, storing every sentence pair we ever translate for you. This way, we don’t need to translate them again when they are repeated, so you don’t have to pay twice for the same thing. You pay only for what’s actually new. In our premium-level service, the translation memory created in work for you is your intellectual property.

This level of service is the answer…

  • When you want a translation unit you can rely on, with language specialists who are familiar with your organisation and can assist in meeting your specific needs
  • When you need to be confident that top specialists are working with your materials
  • When swift and personal customer service is important to you