Audiovisual content localisation

Customised audiovisual and text localisation services to engage any audience.

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Subtitles and media

We offer a full range of audiovisual and text localisation services, including subtitling, translation and technical production services for commercials, videos, films, TV programmes and other audiovisual material.

We offer:

  • Simultaneous subtitling, i.e. the addition of subtitles in the same language, suitable for educational and training material or for people who are hard of hearing;
  • Special language subtitling, i.e. the translation of source text and synchronisation of the translation with the audio material, is widely used in the film and television industry.

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In addition to subtitling, we also offer translation and dubbing or voice-over services for films, cartoons and other audiovisual content. Although our primary focus is on the film and television industry, you can also turn to us for other types of material, such as advertising clips, marketing videos, training videos, etc

Texts are recorded in our recording studio in Tallinn. Audio files are edited and formatted in any audio format you need – WAV, MP3 and others.

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Quality control and testing is usually performed on text within its context of use – such as a user interface, Web environment, or design file. When the result is examined in its final context, we can add the appropriate finishing touches.

In substantive context checking, the text's fitness for purpose and its functionality for the task at hand is checked. The tester gains a good understanding of the user's journey and therefore is able to confirm the suitability of the content or make proposals for improvement in terms of context-appropriateness and ease of comprehension.