Technical services

Here, you can see our technical services at a glance. The list is accompanied by descriptions of the services.

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Testing and quality control

Quality control and testing is usually performed on text within its context of use – such as a user interface, Web environment, or design file. When the result is examined in its final context, we can add the appropriate finishing touches.

It is checked that:

  • All the text strings have been translated and match the context
  • Special characters and other characters in the target material are correct, with the language fully proofed
  • The text fits the space intended in the design and layout


In substantive context checking, the text's fitness for purpose and its functionality for the task at hand is checked. The tester gains a good understanding of the user's journey and therefore is able to confirm the suitability of the content or make proposals for improvement in terms of context-appropriateness and ease of comprehension.

Desktop publishing

If the text includes special layout and graphics, the translation is finalised as a document laid out similarly to the original. Our technical team can handle most commonly used file formats. Even if the original document is a low-quality scanned PDF file, you will receive a finished translation that is appropriately laid out.

For simpler jobs, the amount of layout work required is calculated by the page, and for more complicated documents it is determined in terms of the work hours required. Files that contain many images and special characters constitute a more complex layout task, whereas we consider mostly textual material with a few diagrams to be a simple layout assignment.