Company news January 2016

08. January 2016

Italian translations -50%. In January, a bright-eyed translation master’s student from Italy joined our collective as a translation trainee. Martina is a 24-year-old student from Naples and an Erasmus+ scholarship winner. As Martina has a serious interest in the translation industry, and a good command of Russian – in addition to her excellent English – she choose Estonia and our translation agency as the location for her practical training. During her three months of practical training, her wish is to learn all that a translation agency with long-term experience can possibly teach her.

As a result, we are able to offer our customers English-Italian-English and Russian-Italian translations at a discounted price until the end of March, and by doing so help to lay the foundation for the career of a dedicated translator. Order translations for your technical texts or marketing materials from English to Italian, Italian to English or Russian to Italian, at a cost of just EUR 0.05 per word.

Nele Koduvere

Nele Koduvere

Business Development Manager

The world of translation is full of variety and excitement, since languages are the root of everything. Because organisations of all sizes and people from every walk of life need translation services, the work can never become boring. Every customer is special, and there is a lot to learn from each one of them. By knowing our customers, I help the team work better.