Internship at Interlex

19. April 2022

Read Anna Gubskaja’s impressions about completing her internship at Interlex. Why did Anna choose the Interlex translation agency, what did she learn during her internship, and what are her recommendations for those looking for an internship vacancy?

Searching for internship options

An internship as part of a university’s curriculum may seem daunting and stressful at first. I experienced concern and stress during my search for an internship vacancy. Would I be able to handle it? Is the knowledge you have acquired at university enough to cope with real-life work tasks? When I started my internship at the Interlex translation agency, I realised that I was worrying for nothing – completing the internship turned out to be an extremely rewarding and exciting experience.

I repeatedly postponed completing my compulsory internship; however, I finally I decided to go ahead and complete it in a large Estonian translation agency. I sent my internship application to various companies and received an immediate response from Interlex. Before starting my internship, I looked at the Interlex website, and its contemporary design left a practical and modern impression on me. I also found a number of interesting and useful articles on the Interlex blog, which I recommend all translations students take a look at.

First impressions

When the first day of my internship arrived, I was nervous and felt quite insecure; but as soon as I walked through the door of the translation agency for the first time, I was immediately struck by the reassuring feeling of home.

As I had never experienced the office world before my internship, I imagined that a large translation agency should look like the office in the popular TV series The Office – rooms full of people and small desks stacked with office supplies. Seeing the actual picture – my perception of office life was completely shattered.

Interlex is located in the heart of the city, in a brand new office building, more precisely in a cosy and bright office with a modern design. Near the front desk, I was asked to take off my shoes and come to take a look at the place for my internship. The working environment at Interlex – with its comfortable workstations, large desks, wide-screen computers, a spacious kitchen with modern technology, and a pleasant minimalist design – immediately motivated me to dedicate myself to my work. Also, there were not many people in the office either, as Interlex allows its employees to work remotely as well.

My internship journey

The work routine (which can hardly be called routine) in the translation agency turned out to be fascinating and varied. Interlex allowed me to take a peek behind the scenes of the work of a translator, a project manager, and a layout designer. I got to try everything: translating, business communication, project management, technical preparation of files, proofreading, subtitling… I was introduced to several translation programs and project management systems that I had never encountered before. I also worked with the well-known Microsoft and Adobe programs and learned more about their functionalities.

My internship allowed me to improved my digital skills, my time planning skills, and my ability to notice details, but most importantly, I got to know great people who welcomed me warmly and have kindly helped me throughout the internship. I was offered a number of challenges that initially seemed complex and incomprehensible, but with the help of my colleagues I easily mastered them.

Recommendations for internship seekers

My main piece of advice to anyone looking for an internship vacancy – do not be afraid and do not limit yourself. University studies are largely concerned with translation theory and linguistics, but in fact the world of translation is not limited to this. Find an internship vacancy that allows you to do other things besides translating, and try out everything it has to offer. Interlex is perfect for this, broadening your horizon and developing your self-awareness. The world of translation is vast and varied, so I recommend that you explore it backwards and forwards.