12 most important goals of professional medical translation services

19. January 2021

Professional medical translation is a highly specialised field due to the technical and sensitive nature of documents. It has been part of our translation services at team Interlex for many years now, but the role of both medical and pharmaceutical translation has grown significantly lately.

Both medical and pharmaceutical translation cover a number of areas in the medical field and eliminate stress for Patients, Caretakers and Researchers. On the one hand essential and even life-saving information in the medical field needs to be accessible in all the languages of those who are likely to want to access such information. It helps healthcare providers implement the necessary treatment required for patients in their care who don’t speak their language and allows proper communication. On the other hand, not all the discoveries and research findings are necessarily reported in one particular language, and in order to generate breakthroughs research communication in different languages is also needed here. Beside those reasons mentioned before, the goal of professional medical translation is also to help

  • reduce the risk for the patient
  • create meaningful interactions internationally and between cultures 
  • avoid errors or confusion regarding vital information
  • boost international drug development and research
  • share research among scientists around the world, disseminate knowledge and discuss new discoveries
  • collaborate to discuss the nature of a drug or treatment method
  • get useful, accurate medical histories of the patient internationally
  • provide proper medical instructions 
  • get a full understanding of the health condition, symptoms and treatment
  • understand dosages and other drug information
  • raise the overall quality of medical care 
  • save lives 

There’s no doubt that due to all these reasons, all the medical documents and terminology need to be translated accurately, and the medical translator needs to have complete confidence in order to ensure the provision of a professional medical translation service. In today’s world of multicultural communities comprising of people who belong to different races, regions, linguistic and ethnic groups, effective communication has now become a challenge of sorts, and we’re happy to reduce it. 

Our medical translators have to possess many more skills than just translation. They need to possess sufficient knowledge about various aspects of medicine such as pharmacology, biochemistry, and physics in order to offer the benefits of professional medical translation. 

For this reason we have trained and experienced language professionals in our team who are experts in medical terminology and who translate documents in this field daily. They have the necessary experience and are prepared to vouch for accuracy as even the smallest of mistakes could be dangerous if interpreted incorrectly.

The ageing world population and the need for new treatments and research have made the need for professional medical translation more important than ever. It is crucial for communication and the exchange of information between different languages and cultures, but in some fields it can be a matter of life and death.