25 ways to avoid overusing the word “Also”

26. January 2021

Have you ever thought about what words are most overused in English? According to research they are: also, said, therefore, good, important, like, beautiful, including, very, interesting and there is/there are/it is. 

While you increase your knowledge of English, it is very important that you increase your vocabulary as well. Have you ever noticed how often you use these words yourself while writing or talking in English? If you wish your writing to stand out as excellent, it is a good idea to enrich your vocabulary and to have a list of words to use instead of these ones. 

Our team of translators has made a small guide for you of those English words you can use instead of the above mentioned. Each month we’ll share some inspiration with you, so that you will have different ways expressing yourself, and improve your writing, speaking and translation skills in the future.

This time we chose to share synonyms for “also” with you. There are a variety of English words that can be used instead of “also” in order to sound more professional. Below you can find 50 ways to make your writing stronger by reducing the frequency of use and replacing it with more appropriate words. 

Here are a few alternatives for you:

  • also - moreover
  • also - in addition
  • also - too
  • also - likewise
  • also - again
  • also - besides
  • also - what is more
  • also - as-well
  • also - in conjunction with
  • also - nevertheless
  • also - undoubtedly
  • also - generally
  • also - secondly
  • also - further
  • also - furthermore
  • also - still
  • also - along-with
  • also - plus
  • also - moreover
  • also - similarly
  • also - ditto
  • also - yet
  • also - always
  • also - already
  • also - nonetheless

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