#KIELI2022 – Grow With Language

19. September 2022

On 9 September, I attended the conference #KIELI2022 in Finland. The conference took place in the beautiful Little Finlandia conference hall and was organised by the Finnish Association of Translation Companies SKY. This year’s theme was growth. We heard from many excellent speakers on how to grow through language technology and how to build your personal brand and how to use networking to grow your business. We also heard some specific examples on how CEOs have grown their businesses, for example, from Katja Virtanen, the CEO of Delingua Language Services. Also, our CEO Inge Rätsep spoke on a panel called “How are things in the language sector in the Baltic region?”.

My personal favourite was a presentation from Ali Jahangiri, a Finnish comedian and entrepreneur. He spoke of challenges he has encountered as a performer and an entrepreneur, of new beginnings and how to keep going when faced with challenges. As the last speaker of the conference, he left me with a very positive mindset and his presentation was truly inspiring.

Overall, it was a great day of listening to speakers who are dedicated and invested in their field. We made new connections and strengthened the already existing relationships.

Can’t wait for next year!

Rutt Mäeots

Rutt Mäeots

senior project manager