Practical Tips for Remote Work

05. January 2021

Companies and workers around the world have struggled this year with different challenges related to remote working. Remote work is not just a trend but has become mandatory among employees and companies during the past year.

There are advantages and disadvantages to remote work, of course, but the point is this: there’s a high probability that remote is the future. If we look on the bright side, many different studies (for example Airtasker 2020) have found remote workers are more productive, healthier and enjoy a more positive work-life balance. 

While some are finding a hybrid solution for how to combine remote and office work, there are more and more companies that have switched to long-term remote work permanently. It’s the new normal and we all have to adapt to it. Like it or not, remote and virtual work is here to stay - which is why we’re sharing our secret sauce so you can help your remote teams thrive, just like ours.

We at team Interlex have combined remote and on-site working for years already and found a hybrid version of it that works for us. We’re happy to share our tips on these unique challenges with you, from distractions that are unusually hard to avoid, to increasingly complex responsibilities at home that make it hard to find a healthy work-life balance.

This is what has helped our team over the years:

  • Set office hours and stick to them
  • Create a dedicated office space
  • Get started early and create a morning routine
  • Get dressed and dress for your job
  • Communicate proactively and use technology to help you
  • Stay connected with your team while working from home
  • Clarify expectations
  • Eat healthy and exercise regularly
  • Stay off social media
  • Stay motivated with a list and make a schedule for everything
  • Plan out and structure your days
  • Know when you're at your most productive and work then
  • Use time management tools
  • Take breaks

Most people working remotely today were forced out of their offices, and challenged to manage the sudden change, along with the added obstacles brought on by the pandemic. Despite this, however, the majority express an interest in working remotely moving forward, even after the crisis is over. 

 Remote work is definitely the wave of the future, so we hope that with these ideas you can improve your remote work processes and culture, as well as pick up some new ideas here.