Sworn translation is necessary, and even mandatory in certain situations

11. November 2020

Different countries have different requirements, which adds to the complex bureaucratic process when we want to study abroad, get married in another country or apply for the overseas position that will boost our career. At Interlex we know how we can help you and we offer sworn translation services in many different language pairs and are always happy to help you with your legal documents. 

A certified sworn translator is the right choice for any legal, financial, technical and medical translation. We have certified sworn translators in our team. This type of translation may be little-known, but it is necessary if you want your document to have legal value. When living, working or studying overseas, your personal documents such as birth, marriage certificates, degree certificates, criminal records, bank statements and reference letters may need to be translated by a certified sworn translator in that country.

Choosing a sworn translator is always sensible when it comes to legal documents that may have a positive or negative influence on your business or personal life. Our aim at team Interlex is to provide you with a high-quality, professional and completely confidential translation at a reasonable price.

The translation performed by a sworn translator includes: translation of your documents into a preferred foreign language signed and sealed by the sworn translator, containing a statement that confirms the correctness and accuracy of the translation.

The logic used in sworn translation is slightly different from general translation. General translations usually have a very strong communicative function, and they make the text more accessible to the reader. In sworn translation, the translator must not attempt to improve on the source document, or try to adapt it to a specific audience.

Since a sworn translation is performed for legal purposes, the translation should be clearly recognisable as the same document, with all the information that is in the original, even if some of it seems unnecessary or repetitious. Sworn translators assume that every word and every nuance has a purpose, and reproduce the content, every signature, every stamp in the way that they appear on the original.

The list below gives you some examples of the types of documents that our sworn translators at team Interlex translate daily:

  • contracts
  • diplomas
  • instruction manuals
  • certificates
  • patents
  • licences
  • permits
  • reports
  • medical reports
  • birth certificates
  • death certificates
  • wills
  • marriage certificates
  • divorce papers
  • prenuptial agreements

If you have any questions about the certified translation process, get in touch with us.