We spoke with the Office Manager of the Interlex Tartu Office, Egle Pääslane

23. February

How did you end up in the translation industry and how long have you been working for Interlex?

I have been working for Interlex since the merger of Grata and Interlex, meaning slightly more than two years. But as a project manager, I already have five years of experience. I graduated from the University of Tartu and obtained a Master’s degree in Translation Studies, so working in a translation agency is an ideal application for my education, as I feel that project management fits my personality traits much better than being a translator.

In addition to Tallinn, Interlex also has an office in Tartu. Why is it important to have an office there as well?

The roots of the Tartu office go back to the pre-merger days when Grata and Interlex were still separate agencies, but the office itself has already been in the Hansakeskus building for over a decade. Although the Tartu office is tiny compared to the one in Tallinn – with six workstations and four employees regularly working in the office at the moment – having such a place is definitely a great added value for the employees. Face-to-face communication makes it much easier to discuss projects and related issues, and it also allows you to simply get to know your colleagues better, which is necessary to create a sense of belonging and team spirit. The office has a cosy environment where you can concentrate on your work undisturbed, which means you can relax at home and switch off from your job. The fact that Interlex also has an office in South Estonia, in addition to Tallinn, provides greater flexibility when it comes to recruiting new employees and is also a convenient option for existing employees. For example, several people at Interlex have been able to move to Tartu or other places in South Estonia, without having to change their jobs.

What areas are you focusing on at Interlex?

As a project manager, I am mainly involved in medical translations into Baltic languages. This is certainly an area in which we have seen growing demand in recent years, probably partly due to the corona crisis. In my role as Office Manager for the Tartu Office, I am responsible for its daily operations and serve as the first point of contact for the team in Tartu, should they have any suggestions or concerns.

Why do you think a good translation/translation agency is important for every business?

Translation is a means of communication, a way of conveying a message to a target audience in their native language. In case of a poor translation, there is a risk that part of the meaning of a message will be lost or conveyed in a distorted form, i.e. communication will be disrupted as a result and the translation will not fulfil its purpose. Therefore, a bad translation may create more problems instead of helping, or simply give an unprofessional impression of the company.

What makes you tick during your leisure time? 

I enjoy a rather active lifestyle, so I like to move around a lot. For several years, I have been swing dancing, and before that I was involved in figure skating and orienteering. Together with my two-year-old Samoyed, I participate in dog sports (agility and obedience). I also love to travel and have an interest in photography.

Egle Pääslane

Egle Pääslane

project manager