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How to create a smooth translation process in your company?

Although artificial intelligence and, in connection with this, various translation applications have made a big leap forward, the role of humans in the translation process is still important – a well-thought-out and reliable translation process will most likely save you both time and money. Smart translation management also ensures better quality of translations.


What is machine translation post-editing?

Machine Translation Post-Editing – MTPE Machine translation technology has evolved exponentially in recent years, and the accuracy and fluency of machine translation output has significantly improved. However, even the best and most advanced machine translation systems are not perfect, and quite often in machine translation there are errors and ‘interesting’ sentence constructions that necessarily need to be corrected.


Press release: Interlex to develop the national Translation Gateway project

The Translation Gateway project is commissioned and owned by the Institute of the Estonian Language. The first phase of the project will last ten months.